Service Dogs are NOT pets

Our main goal is to educate the public and service dog teams about their ethics & responsibilities and to support Service dog teams socially in a group setting

MainlySD is more of the support and social side of the group

Photo Gallery

LL Bean 2003

When Cherie was 5 ½ months old we attended our 1st Journée. The 2007 Journée du Beauceron, which was held in October at Liberty, Missouri. In her temperament test: she got Excellent. In Conformation: she won Best Puppy at the Journée The French Judges were Mr. Hermel in conformation and Mr. Garbay for temperament We met so many wonderful people there and some great Beauceron.

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    Kathy & Noah 2007 training in Missouri


Joel and Nikka (Nikka is in the wheelchair, she is added weight for training purposes)


Joel and I at a Memorial day parade